Make Your Own Soy Candles: Melbourne

Making your own soy candles is a fun and relaxing way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning

Held in both Port Melbourne and South Gisborne, Soy Candles candle-making classes are a relaxing yet constructive weekend activity.

During the informative class you’ll learn not only how to make soy candles, but also be given knowledge on candle safety, complementing scents and what to look for when purchasing candles.

No need to feel overwhelmed by the process as Frosa simplifies every step along the way and is always there to help if required.

Passionate teacher and owner Frosa Katsis runs classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The classes are filled a mix of first timers as well as those who have enjoyed previous classes so much that they came back for more. The classes are a lot of fun and even quite therapeutic – you really don’t have to be a candle enthusiast to love this class.

Frosa begins the class with an educational rundown on all things candles, including the natural vegetable soy products used, tips, a demonstration and answering any questions you may have. You’re then provided with all the instruments needed, ingredients and your very own workstation to master your new-found craft.

Frosa is an exceptionally great help in assisting you to select aesthetically pleasing jars, vibrant colours for your wax and scents that would complement your home or suit an occasion you might have planned. No need to feel overwhelmed by the process as Frosa simplifies every step along the way and is always there to help if required.

The class runs for around three hours, allowing you not only to perfect your technique, but also to have a chat and make some new friends. You leave the class full of knowledge and with a box full of soy candles/melts that you made yourself, not to mention feeling rather accomplished for a Saturday or Sunday morning.

There’s also the option to purchase everything you need to continue making candles at home, which includes a complimentary instructional DVD that explains the potential of starting your very own candle business.

Soy Candles candle-making classes are held in Port Melbourne and South Gisborne studios, as well as in private homes for candle-making parties with friends or family.

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